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Word Reader 5.4

Word Reader is capable of reading Microsoft Word documents
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You don't have to buy the expensive Microsoft Office in order to be able to read Microsoft Word documents, you can now download Word Reader and use it for an unlimited period absolutely for free.
The program is compatible with Word 2007 format (.docx), Word 97-XP (.doc), Rich text format (.rtf), plain text files (.txt), and Internet pages (.html and .htm).
Compatible documents are viewed with their original format and appearance exactly the way they would appear if you open them with other shareware programs. You can zoom in & out, select and copy text, find a word, go to full screen mode, change font size, and more. Opened files can be saved as plain text or Word 97-XP compatible formats.

One of the advantages of the program is its extreme processing speed and low memory footprints. Moreover, it allows you to open multiple documents and navigate easily between opened windows. But the disadvantage of the program is that it doesn't allow you to edit or reformat the documents.

The program's interface is fairly simple and multilingual, the welcome screen displays the latest accessed documents, and the 'open' dialog allows you to preview the document as a thumbnail before opening it.

Mark Adeeb
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